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Wedding Party

Stephen Brucker, Man of Honor

I’ve known Stevie since the day I was born, and since then he’s been one of my best friends…well, on 99% of the days. As a brother, he’s looked out for me, given me advice and guidance, known exactly what to say when I couldn’t find the words and pushed my buttons just enough to make sure that I could always stand on my own two feet and hold my own. We’ve been through so much together and no one can make me laugh in the same way.  I am beyond honored to know that my “Brother Big” will be right beside me on the day I marry Nick! He’s the best Man of Honor I could have ever imagined.

Lauren Dudley, Bridesmaid

Whether it’s because of our shared love of 80’s music and mix tapes, The Golden Girls and Vacation movies, or Onion Petals and Cherry Limeade, there is no shortage of commonalities that Lauren and I share, and certainly no shortage of fun! Our friendship began in college and grew from sorority sisters and college roommates to one worthy of all time! As one of the most sentimental people I know, you can always get a good tear in Lauren’s eye with a hum of Good Bless America, or a simple handwritten note, so I’m sure we’ll turn on the waterworks getting dressed together as I prepare to walk down the aisle. Little Lauren and I have so many special memories, and I can’t wait to add this to the book.

Alyssa Aikman Good, Bridesmaid

Alyssa was one of the first of the ZTA girls that I really bonded with, and our friendship has continued to grow even stronger through the development of our grown-up lives. From our sneaky little “Best Friends’ Days” to celebrating 30th birthdays, I couldn’t have imagined a better or more trusted friend. Whenever I’ve needed a good Southern break, the door to Alyssa and Chesley’s home has always been open to welcome me in, and even though we are on separate coasts, I’ve always know that Alyssa is close in heart. Ours is a friendship that I feel very fortunate every day to have, and someday, I know that our kids will be cheering for Carolina football together as we reminisce about how it all began.

Angelina Nucci Mullen, Bridesmaid

With a friendship that spans over half of our lives, Nuch has really seen it all! We’ve been partners in crime since our days as high school cheerleaders and now prefer to eat good food, drink even better wine and talk about all of the amazing things we want to do (or wear!) next in our lives. We’ve been through the steps of high school, college (USC west and USC east), and our PR careers together and when I stood next to Angie the day she married her husband Chris, I could not help but shed the happiest tears. I can’t wait for her to stand by me on my wedding day too! I am lucky to have such a beautiful and creative best friend, who through the planning process, is so willing to “pin” for our wedding, share insights and for just be there for me.

Jennifer Buchwald Paletz, Bridesmaid

In my days in LA that I can remember, it seems like Jen has been there. For the last 10 years, a many Halloween, 4th of Julys, Saturdays, birthdays, every days, Jen has been a constant friend and source of laughter! Not only is she now the Mom to one of our favorite little guys, but she is also the only person (aside from me) who ever watched imported Nickelodeon in the 80’s. Though we can never seem to get our gingerbread houses to stay standing, every Christmas Jen convinces me to try again. As an incredible voice of reason, a fiercely loyal friend, and someone who can make fun out of just about any situation, Jen is a rock, and I’m blessed to have her in my life.

Kelli Simpson Wamboldt, Bridesmaid

Growing up, Kelli was the gymnast, I was the ballerina; I was a talker and Kelli was quiet. Regardless, we were always the girls in matching holiday outfits and passing notes in church about what we had watched on TV that Saturday night. Kelli, so much more than a cousin, has always been like a little sister to me. When we see each other now, it’s like we’ve never been apart, and we still get the giggles about the most ridiculous things! Kelli has always been such a big part of my life, and I am so happy to know that we’ll now both have stood with one another on our wedding days.

Steven Roy, Best Man

Despite not looking like we are related, Steve is actually my brother.  Just listen to him speak and you’d think that it was me.  He is one of the weirdest, most creative, wonderful people I know.  I am constantly surprised and inspired by him.  I wish I had his ability to just go for it no matter what IT was.  I am so proud to have him as my best man. He is always there to give me advice and willing to occasionally serve as just a sounding board.  Sometimes I call him just to say a quick hello and 45 minutes later we finally hang up. He is so much more to me than just my brother, he’s also one of my best friends.  Having him stand by me on the most important day of Katie and my life is something that I never questioned and something that I’ll never forget.

Elliott Chisholm, Groomsman

I think of Elliott as a brother and just like my actual brother we look nothing alike. Also, like brothers, we know how to get under each other’s skin like no other. Even though he is a Cowboys fan, terrible at playing Madden, and constantly singing, I somehow still love him.  He is always full of love and he constantly has music coming out of his pores.  His effusive joy for life always brings a smile to my face.  I’ve never had a day with Elliott where I didn’t feel better about life by the end of it.  Elliott is great friend and the only true complaint I have about him is that he lives so far away.

Tina Huang, Groomslady

When Tina and I first met, she thought that I was a Russian immigrant.  Not sure exactly how or why that’s the case, but thankfully we made it though this.  She has this amazing ability to unwillingly invite complete strangers to want to come up and talk.  Don’t let her hard, lower east side, exterior fool you, she is a big softy underneath.  She is one the few people in my life that can take away all the stress and chaos in my mind, whether with deep conversation or just by playing video games.  Having her around just always make me feel better. She is extremely talented, driven and persistent and I hope that all of this will eventually rub off on me.   I love her dearly and look forward to the many years of friendship to come.

Morgan Murphey, Groomslady

Morgan is the reason that I look forward to checking my mailbox. While I am a terrible pen pal, she powers through and sends me the sweetest, most wonderful cards.  She is also the sneakiest friend that I have in that I can’t say the one moment that created such a close bond.  We went to Italy and shared so many other experiences and one day I realized that my life would not be the same without her. She has this ease to her that makes life seem so simple. Her calming influence is such a welcome addition to the wedding party and I’m thrilled to have her as one of my groomspeople.

Jeannette Roy, Groomslady

Ever since Jeannette was born, I have willingly for me and maybe not as much for her, served as her protector.  Even though she will always be my “little” sister, and sometimes I describe her in a way that elicits the idea that she is 13, I can’t believe the woman she has turned into today.   She is so smart and funny that it sometimes makes me sick.  She is the most loyal and unselfish person that I know and just the thought of her always makes me smile.  I’m am so lucky to have such a dynamic person in my life and I know that even if we weren’t related, she would be still be one of my most cherished friends

Michael Feldman, Officiant

Michael and I were almost friends, as I like to call it, many times throughout the years.  He was always around and I always liked him being there and yet we didn’t actually start hanging out until he moved to Los Angeles. He is, hands-down, the funniest person that I know and I know a lot of people who would agree.  But he has so much more than that going for him.  He is also one of the most honest, caring, and thoughtful people in my life.  For all of these reasons I am excited and proud that he will be officiating our wedding.  Being able to share this day with such a great friend is something I’m going to cherish forever.

Jake Paletz, Ringbearer

Since Jake was born, he has brought so much happiness to our lives. He is not only one of the cutest, but one of the funniest and most smartly precocious kids we know. Jake’s “walking down the aisle” story has varied from wearing a monocle and carrying a cane Mr. Peanut-style to dancing down Gangnam-style, so we’ll just let it be a surprise!